Update from RAE’s Board Chair – CREA PAC Days & SGM

Update from RAE’s Board Chair – CREA PAC Days & SGM

October 27, 2023

From the Desk of RAE’s Board Chair

It’s certainly been a whirlwind this year, and as we start to see the first signs of snowfall, the fourth quarter is proving to be much the same.

The RAE’s Government and Political Action Committee recently traveled to the nation’s capital as part of CREA’s 38th Annual PAC Days. Our committee members joined more than 400 REALTORS® and Board/Association staff from across the country to unite our collective voices as we met with their Members of Parliament (MPs) to discuss Canada’s housing crisis.

Housing affordability and supply have become an important topic more than ever and are truly top of mind for every Canadian, including members of the Federal Government. It is remarkable to think about what was accomplished during CREA PAC Days, as more than 125 MP meetings were registered and attended by PAC Day attendees. As part of these meetings, our committee members discussed CREA’s REALTOR® recommendations:

1. Establish a permanent national housing roundtable to bring together housing stakeholders to help address the housing crisis through an inclusive, holistic approach that emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and policy coordination.
2. Leverage federal infrastructure funding with municipal, provincial, and territorial partners requiring the creation of more housing supply.
3. Develop a housing workforce immigration strategy to attract tradespeople from abroad, while streamlining the immigration process for qualified professionals willing to work in the construction industry.

RAE also participated and led conversations at this year’s GR Pro Days ahead of CREA’s PAC Days. This event gives Government Relations/Advocacy staff the opportunity to come together to talk about important topics and issues that relate to advocacy and housing. This year’s discussions looked at advocacy at the local municipal level, housing attainability, and areas of policies.


An Update on CREA’s SGM: Future of REALTOR.ca

Chair-Elect Darlene Reid, along with RAE’s CEO Darla Lindbjerg and I, had the opportunity to attend CREA’s Special General Meeting (SGM), with the intention of discussing the future of REALTOR.ca and getting an update on progress of the project.

Members of the REALTOR.ca taskforce had recently presented to the RAE’s Board of Directors, and we looked forward to getting a more fulsome update on the entire project at the SGM. The intent for this meeting was to gather support and endorsement for CREA and the REALTOR.ca task force to continue working on this project that is tentatively scheduled to be voted on by Members at the CREA Annual General Meeting in April 2024.

While there are still outstanding questions for which we are awaiting answers, including a more comprehensive and thorough business case, we look forward to continued engagement between CREA and local boards/associations from across Canada.

We look forward to providing updates on the future of REALTOR.ca.


Melanie Boles

2023 Chair of the Board of Directors, REALTORS® Association of Edmonton

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