Announcement of the RAE 2024 Board Chair

Announcement of the RAE 2024 Board Chair

December 11, 2023

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton (RAE) proudly announces a significant evolution in its leadership landscape, marking a pivotal moment in the organization’s commitment to strategic governance and long-term vision.

In a landmark decision at the recent General Meeting, RAE members overwhelmingly supported a proposed amendment to the RAE bylaws that would allow for extension of the Chair and Chair-Elect terms of up to two years. With an astounding 94% of those in favour among attending members, this mandate reflects a resounding endorsement for transformative change within the Association’s governance framework.

As outlined in proposed amendments to the RAE Bylaws, the Board of Directors, during the November 2023 Board meeting, reaffirmed their support for Melanie Boles to continue her tenure as the RAE Board Chair for a second one-year term.

Concurrently, Darlene Reid is poised to embark on her second one-year term as the RAE Board Chair-Elect for 2024. This continuity in leadership positions RAE strategically, ensuring a seamless flow of institutional knowledge and consolidating stability for sustained growth and success.

Notably, this shift in the Board’s structure will align the Association with other real estate partners such as REIX, AREA, and CREB.

These amendments, while preparing RAE for its momentous centennial celebration in 2027, serve as a cornerstone for proactive risk mitigation and strategic planning. The financial benefits stemming from these changes also demonstrate RAE’s commitment to prudent resource allocation, reducing expenditure on training, media, and lifetime memberships, thus bolstering fiscal responsibility for the Association and its members.

Congratulations Melanie and Darlene!

Melanie Boles, 2024 RAE Board Chair

Darlene Reid, 2024 RAE Board Chair-Elect

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