Selling Your Home


When you’re selling your home, REALTORS® help you get the most for your property, and remove stress and confusion from the process. Here are just some of the advantages:

Your REALTOR® becomes your home’s champion: When you sign a “Listing Agreement” with your REALTOR®, this is their promise that they will use their skills and resources to get you the best deal for your home.

REALTORS® know how to attract the most potential buyers: Your REALTOR® is an expert home promoter, connected to a network of other REALTORS® and their buyers. They know how to write compelling ads for your home and only REALTORS® can place your home on the Multiple Listing Service®.

REALTORS® will help you increase your homes “sale-ability”: You probably have an emotional attachment to your home and therefore can’t view it objectively. Your REALTOR® will help you present your home in the best possible light, so buyers will fall in love with it more easily.

Legal know-how? They know how!: A mishandled document can ruin a sale, or lead to legal action. Your REALTOR® has the experience to recognize potential hurtles early and the resources to help you find solutions and get the process back on track quickly. All REALTORS® are required to use a standardized contract in their transactions, which helps ensure your peace of mind during this process.

Market Knowledge - To help you get the most for your home: REALTORS® are masters of reading the market and recommending the best price for your home. A REALTORS® experience literally pays!

Negotiation Skills - To keep the deal on track: REALTORS® are indispensable when it comes to bargaining with buyers. Tempers can flare and heels can dig on. Your REALTOR® is an expert at smoothing things out.

Whether you’re selling for the first time or you've done it several times, a professional REALTOR® can help you get the most for your home and remove any stress and confusion from the process.