Commercial Real Estate


Whether you’re looking for an investment, or a home for your company, a commercial REALTOR® helps by providing professional services to make your transaction successful.

  • They know the local market.
  • They know what’s available that suits your specifications.
  • They can provide the analysis to show whether you should lease or buy.
  • They can maintain your investment with professional Property Manager services.
  • They can assemble a team of specialists knowledgeable in space planning, zoning, local government or zoning issues, architectural design, tax assessment, appraisals, financing, market trends and closing procedures.


Finding a Commercial REALTOR®

As an entrepreneur or business person you have expertise in your specialty area but you probably depend on other specialists such as bankers or accountants to inform and assist you to make business decisions. When you enter a real estate transaction it makes sense to consult with a specialist with training and expertise in real estate. You might be buying, selling, leasing, or looking for tenants on a mom-and-pop business opportunity or a multi-acre industrial site. A commercial REALTOR® will be the temporary business partner you need to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Your time is valuable and a commercial REALTOR® will assist you to manage, understand and decipher all the necessary paperwork involved in a real estate transaction. In a commercial transaction that includes the implications of municipal zoning (making sure you can do what you want to do in the location you've selected), building operations (heating, cooling, maintenance), signage, parking, and lease/purchase terms and conditions.

Find a Commercial REALTOR®


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